If you are blessed with a kid, you know that above all, you are charged with the responsibility of protecting the kid. One of the ways you can protect your kid from the harsh external environment is through providing the kid with the right shoes. Provision of shoes is okay but the right shoes matter a lot. You know how jovial kids become when they are out playing. They can do better when they wear the right kind of shoes. Therefore, you need to know how to choose the right toddler shoes.

shoes for Toddler

With a whole new world to explore, the toddler is at high risk of getting injured or infected when they start walking around. They find more fun on wet grounds and on other surfaces that carry harmful pathogens that can easily infect their soft skin. They can also get injured when they hit objects and run around. You have got to get your toddler the right footwear. There exist various factors that you should consider when choosing shoes for your toddler.


When kids graduate to toddlerhood, they always face the problem of poor posture, balance and coordination. At the same time, they are very aggressing in reaching out for the object and running around. The kind of shoes that you choose for your toddler should help to keep the kid protected from the objects he encounters along the way. Quite often, the kid will hit the objects as he passes which increases the chance of getting injured. Shoes significantly reduce such chances. However, good shoes will not only reduce the chances but ensure that the kid is protected from all those objects. The shoe should be stable enough to support the good posture and balance. They should also be the kind that prevents penetration of objects that can injure the kid’s feet.


When you go purchasing a toddler’s shoes, ensure that the shoes are flexible enough. Flexible shoes allow easy foot development hence you should avoid stiff shoes. Flexibility also extends to the kind of material that makes the shoes. As a parent, you should go for shoes made from a lightweight material that also facilitates breathability. Natural materials are the best for this case.

Do Not Spend a Lot

It is not advised to spend a lot on toddler’s shoes as advised by Dr. DeCaro. The American Podiatric Medical Association recommends that parents should look for shoes that are made of quality material and that which help the kid to grow appropriately. Rather, purchasing shoes for another reason outside protection and facilitating the kid’s development is not advised. Therefore, factors such as the seal of acceptance should not be a driving force towards purchasing a toddler’s pair of shoes.

Get Them Professionally Fitted

The structure of a kid’s feet is not the same as that of an adult. Toddlers have their body features still developing and their feet are not an exception. Their feet are flat until they become 4 years of age and above when their feet arches begin to develop. It is necessary to have your toddler’s feet measured by a professional to determine the right size of the shoes to purchase. If there is no one to measure the kid’s feet in a professional way, you can use you can use the pinky finger to determine the amount of space that your kid’s toe box has. According to Dr. DeCaro, get your kid a shoe where the space between the toe of the shoe and the edge of the child’s toes fit pinky’s width.

Check the Shoes Quarterly

In every three or 4 months, your child’s feet experience a full-size growth or three-quarters of the growth in every four or 3 months. Dr. DeCaro recommends that you should get new shoes for your kid quarterly or when they wear out depending on the one that comes first. You can also have your kid wear second-hand shoes if they are in good size and shape.


After a few months, your kid will start walking. What are you going to do next? Avoid allowing your kid to walk barefooted because that exposes the kid to more dangers. The best kind of your toddler’s shoes are the ones that are breathable, that have been professionally fitted, lightweight, flexible and made from good natural material. Moreover, when choosing a pair of shoes for your toddler, make sure that they fit the kid perfectly to allow the better walking and feet development.